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Seriously, I need to hear from you. Email can be sent to Emily AT, or if you prefer snail mail, I can be reached at:

The Steenery
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Until volume gets unmanageable because of all the people yelling at me, I promise I’ll reply.

8 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I like the new page. I guess it’s new, right? I like the new design. Oh boy….lol….anyway, I also like that you were interactive in this last post. I think that tends to draw people in more. They always want to connect in some way. The pictures are nice too! Anyway, keep up the great posts!

  2. It IS new. Josh was up far too late working on my header for me.

    I should try to be interactive more, you’re right. I just worry about sounding cheesy.

  3. I followed you over from Writers Cafe, and no, I’m not a stalker. I just like following interesting threads, and found your writing really refreshing (believe me, that’s new).
    I wanted to comment on the whole ‘going back to school’ thing. I’ve been there, and in retrospect I’m not sure it gives the looked for satisfaction. That’s why I returned to an old dream of writing. The degree hangs on the wall, or sits in a box… they gather dust and don’t accomplish a lot. You have your family, and a really pleasing way of communicating. Personally, I think you are amazingly affective right were you are. Keep on expanding it. Broaden your forums. Write a novel. :) What-ever, just keep doing what you are good at.

  4. Welcome back to blog world! Have missed reading your musings the past few weeks. You have such an interesting perspective!!!

  5. A FB friend had a link to “My Family is NOT Broken” and I found your blog. I feel the same way as you do about so many things! My youngest sleeps in our bed almost every night. I am honest and sweet, but if you mess with any of my kids I will fuck you up! I can be an evil, snarky bitch in my mind, but rarely share those mean thoughts out loud. I am fatter than I’ve ever been, and at the same time, more comfortable with who I am inside and out than ever (and maybe that is just my anti-depressants talking). I think I am smarter than most people I know, but way dumber than a lot of people.

    I am sure that people think our family is fucked up, but we are all very happy, well-adjusted (relatively speaking), get along nicely and love each other. I am 43, my LIBF (live-in-boyfriend) is 26. I have a 20yr old, an 18 yr old, a 13 yr old, he has a 5 yr old and together we have a 2 yr old, all girls, all living here with us, except my 18 yr old who is away at college. We don’t match. We shouldn’t be together. We are so different in so many ways, yet we love each other, no matter what, just as we are at this moment, neither of us wanting to change the other. We accept each other with all of our faults, mistakes and shitty-ness. Our kids get along and love each other. The girls accept him and approve of how happy he makes me. That is all that matters to me. I don’t care if the other uppity Pasadena moms look down their noses at me or my young, gardener boyfriend. My older girls say I’m “Gabrielle” from desperate housewives: Latina in a nice neighborhood, carrying on a relationship with my young, handsome, latino gardner.

    I have gotten carried away here, sorry. This is supposed to be about you and how much I love your blog and I do! So thanks for sharing your thoughts and making me laugh. I am inspired by your writing and wish I had the talent to write as you do. Also, the kids really are adorable! :)

  6. Oh my word! I just read your post on writing and The Writer’s Manifesto. I so needed to hear this, I just didn’t know I would hear it today. Thank you. I have a food blog. I love to cook, I love the photography and I love to share it with my own words. I have gotten bogged down in comments, stats, views, hits, likes, dislikes. Oh my gosh, I am freeing myself from all of that. Thank you again! Blessings, Catherine

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