In progress.

I’ve found that it’s easiest to be frustrated with change when it’s disappointing.


I had, like everyone does, a picture of what I expected from my life at whatever point. This point. Three years from now.


I wouldn’t be upset if, say, I were a millionaire this time next year. That’s not in my plan, but I think I could handle it.


(On a completely separate note, I’m watching the State of the Union and DAMN MY PRESIDENT HAS BALLS. Just saying.)


It’s when things go wrong that I don’t handle things well. 


When there’s less money than I need.

When a little girl looks at me to make it feel better and I can’t.

When I’m presented with a fourth grade math problem and I have no clue ho to begin it.

When the house looks like a cotillion of hobos took it over the night before.


I know I sound like a whiny brat. A pampered little simp. I suppose I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I am totally at a loss. A loss of drive and fervor, a loss of confidence and security.


I suppose I need to buck up. Have a backbone.


I’m working on it.

One of the 99%


In general, I’m not a political person.

I mean sure – I like Presidential elections. I like being able to follow things and stabilize my beliefs about things and know that I’m not alone.

After all, I have to leave this world to my kids. It’s cliche but it’s true.

And in case you haven’t noticed, things here in the US haven’t been going so great.

To be fair, we are very, very lucky. We have it better than so many places. But knowing that, and thinking it through, even that may not be so great.

Here in America where we have it better than so many, people are having to choose between food and rent.
Sick people go without medicine not because it isn’t available, but because they can’t afford it.
Babies ride in cars that are unsafe, unmaintained, uninsured.
Families huddle together because heat is too expensive.
People lose livelihood so that someone in a suit can keep a bonus.
We pay a group of ill-behaved miscreants on the Jersey Shore hundreds of thousands of dollars to do absolutely nothing.
Families are removed from their homes only to have the houses sit, hollow and sad.
Celebrities tell us how and what to think, while wearing a pair of jeans that cost a month’s salary.


I know that here in America we are lucky. We don’t have warlords or Gestapo and we are, on some levels, free.

As long as we don’t ask for certain things, like freedom to marry who we love. Freedom to be a woman with choices regarding her own body. Freedom to go to the doctor without worrying how we’ll pay.

As a people we have stood up for so many things. We’ve overcome so much.

And yet we allow ourselves to be corralled and silenced when we say things that are over a line.

99% of the country is either on the verge of or totally immersed in despair. We live under a cloud of worry about bills and jobs and food and gas and electricity. We have allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of and forgotten.

All over our nation people are standing up to be heard. To say that something must be done and that the majority is not inconsequential.

It’s history. I can’t wait to see what happens. It’s going to work.