So, here I am again. 
Let me tell you, whatever this germ is that has assaulted my insides over the past two days, IT WINS. I have never been so miserable. Well, wait. The last time I was this miserable I was eight months pregnant and had the flu. That was bad.
But this, this has been awful. I took finals last night in a cold sweat and just prayed I wouldn’t hurl on the table. Or poop myself. Or both. And while I think I may be over it and Lucy didn’t seem to have it quite as bad, Josh has it now. Everyone knows that when the man gets sick the world is ending.
It snowed last night. There was a big uproar because we were under a WINTER STORM WARNING. The pink and blue on the radar was very promising indeed.

 And then this happened, and it was lovely and exciting. 

I even started to maybe believe the warnings, and i got a little excited. I live in Mississippi, people. We get real snow maybe a couple of times a year.


Then this morning I woke up and looked outside with huge anticipation….


Nothing. The pavement was wet. The end. I wanted to go find the inventor of the Weather Channel and punch him.


Max was excited, though. He had been upset that school might be closed because today is the chess tournament that he’s been prepping for for months. Which is why he woke up, looked out the window, and yelled, “SWEET!”


Yup. It’s my kid’s fault the snow didn’t stick. Maybe I should punch him.


Streams of consciousness of consciousness of streams


I’m coming up short lately on things to write about and sometimes to be fair I’m running out of things to even think about. I don’t know if this is the direct result of stuffing in textbooks and tests or if it’s just from only interacting with a toddler most of the time, but it’s real. It’s no joke, people. The well is dry.

Maybe not dry. Maybe just a drought. Something, I don’t know. I’m bad with metaphors.

I’ve been thinking lately about scary movies and how it’s almost Halloween. I’m so bad at Halloween. I’ve never been one of these moms to make costumes and do fancies and frankly this year I’m hoping a little bit that the kids forget. Which they won’t because it’s candy. Hell who am I kidding, I’d go trick or treating for some candy if it weren’t so damn much effort.

Anyway, scary movies. I need to watch some. And I’m not really one for gratuitous (it just took me a full five minutes to find the word gratuitous in my brain, and Dan is the one who said it, not me. I swear my brain broken to word talk) gore, I really go more for story. Something that skivvs me out and gives me weird warblies. I’m open to suggestions.

Ava is learning to ride her bike. It’s very sweet but also a little annoying because every time she goes more than two feet, Max comes whooping and yelling to let us know about it. Also annoying is the fact that she’s really still pretty timid and jumpy, so if she gets rolling and anyone in a six mile radius sneezes, over she goes in a sniffly little pile on the driveway.

To be clear I’ve spent plenty of time outside cheering her on…she just needs practice.

Now, about that movie?