I feel that I confess a lot of the time.

Let me be clear: when I say “confess” I don’t necessarily mean that I feel bad about the things I say. It’s just that sometimes I feel like too many things build up and seeing as how I’m not exactly the easiest person to read, I just think they need to be put out in the open now and then.

So I’m just going to do it. You guys know I’m a fan of lists.

I watch Teen Mom.
This is, I realize, not a big surprise. What might be a LITTLE surprising is that I have firm and zealous opinions about these girls and their lives. Which I realize is not my place, but hey…they put it out there, people. I can have an opinion if I want. Farrah is a whiny brat, Maci is kind of self centered, Amber is balls to the wall crazy, and Catelynn and Tyler…well, I mean, see that? The only couple who get mentioned together. They are kind of strange, but they have the sweetest and most inspiring best friends/partners relationship ever.

When I was pregnant with Lucy I ate tiny single-serve portion things of hummus. I haven’t touched it since, but now I have some in the fridge and I’m too excited to eat it.

Magic Mike.
I admit it. Naked boys? I’m in.

Manscaping? Meh. 
I have recently learned that there are some women who are repulsed by a gentleman who does not…um, groom. This has never even occurred to me.

I feel like I stink.
Always. I have no idea why. I groom and I clean and I wear all the proper concoctions. Maybe it’s like anorexia of the smell. You know how anorexic people look at themselves all skin and bones and still see fat? Like that, but sniffily.

That’s all. For today.