Basically, people, I feel like I’ve been sleepwalking through the past month.




Even yesterday, when I had plenty of work to do at, you know, actual work – I stayed home with a whiny toddler and firepee thanks to being female and having, apparently, a short urethra. *bows to the TMI audience*

So I could have done schoolwork, right? The geneaology paper that is due today. Or the research paper that is due tomorrow. Both are still barebones and need work.

Instead, though, I spent the day watching Big Love on demand, flushing out my system with echinacea and vitamin C, thinking about the past and the future and how to best go about making pumpkin muffins.

So what did I accomplish? I lessened my infection, I think. I pondered what my hair would look like a la Ginnifer Goodwin in Season Three. I made the muffins. I vacuumed the floor. I did work a bit on the papers.


I can’t say I made much eternal progress in anything yesterday. Except the muffins. They were amazing.




I used shampoo today for the first time since I stopped using it.

I was out of my boiled water/baking soda concoction, and I thought with all of the grime my hair has been encountering every day since I started trying to be a runner, maybe my hair should get a good stripping once every couple of months.

However, two things happened:

One, I have apparently forgotten how to keep stuff out of my eyes, because OH MY GOD, blindness.

Two, I was instantly overwhelmed with regret as I rinsed my hair and heard that squeak that accompanies shampooed hair. My stomach – no joke – spasmed like I had just gone over a big sphincter-tightening hill and I immediately slathered my whole head with conditioner.

I worry about odd things.