Media/Sponsorship Kit

My name is Emily.

I live in Mississippi.

I do many things – I’m a mom, a student, a wife, an employee, and a voracious advocate of pie.

I also have this blog.

People have said that there is power in the written word. While I believe that to be true beyond measure, I also believe that writing (candidly) is not only an art form – a powerful art form – but it is also a responsibility we carry as human beings…to leave a record of events. Of feelings. Of embarrassing confessions and revelations.

Social Media Statistics (a mostly fact-based report, as of March 2013) 

Twitter: @emilysteen – ~590 followers
Facebook (individual) – Emily Wilkes Steen (I try not to keep track of those friend numbers, since they include people who may or may not even like me at all)
Facebook (fan page) – emylibef -~335 likes
Facebook page reach hovers anywhere between 600-3,000, depending on how sassy I’ve been.
RSS feed read by ~200 people
Google PageRank – 3
Alexa Rank – 875,876
Average monthly unique visitors – ~2,000

Featured on: In the Powder Room & BlogHer, as well as guest posts for…well, lots.


While there are certainly bloggers with a wider reach, there are none with my fervent, persistent desire to make the most of myself that I can. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor of something great.

Please contact me with any questions or requests. Any proposals or offers will be considered and answered. Good proposals and offers may make me cry.

Thanks for taking the time to look.


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