Almost beyond conciousness

The world is the same as it always has been, I’m sure.

Maybe it’s just my perspective that changes. I see things not through rose-colored lenses…but green, and grey, and blacker than black.

It makes for much a different scene each time.

As for me, no news tends to be good news I suppose. Life is how it has grown to be, and I have no complaints.

In light of the fact that it is November, many of the people on my Facebook friends list (which is not as plentiful as it once, was, thanks to more than one sizable purge) have decided to bombard me daily with their various thankful thoughts. I understand this sentiment even though at the basest level I disagree with it (hell, people, be that thankful all year long), and in reading just the first few days I’ve realized something huge.

Every night I go to sleep with everyone I love and care about the very most under one roof. This, as a divorced and remarried mom, is almost unheard of. I don’t have to wait to see my kids – I see them all every day. I see the two people who gave me my babies (and I see that as a good thing) every day. We operate as a unit, as a family.

I love many people – but the people I love the most (besides, you know, my mom and dad and such) are always right here. They’re always mine. And that is huge.

So there’s my November thankfulness.

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