Taking stock

I generally think of myself as an open, honest person. I have worked for many years to be a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of gal.

And I think I’ve done well.

It does present a problem, though. Trying to live as an open book among the normals.

Because really? No one does that. There is always something underneath or to the side. Where I just let the freak flag fly and try not to worry about it, the rest of the world tries to pretend to have their shit together.

I’m not fooled.

But I do wonder if it’s even healthy to be so open. I mean, do I have to hide faults to make someone want to like me? Do I have to pretend to be something I’m not? Because I’ll be honest – I’m not gonna. Takes too much effort. And the result is that I’m pretty much on my own, but I’m content with that. I have people to love.

Being me is something I’ve become okay with being.

9 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. I say let it all hang out. Life is too short to worry about whether or not someone is going to dislike you for having an opinion different from their own. I’m sick of worrying about such things myself. I recently decided not to anymore, and I have to admit, I feel quite better for it!

  2. From one freak to the next – let it hang sister. I’m a misfit even among the misfits. Not fitting in is my way of fitting in. If that makes any sense. I am who I am and I have decided very recently (almost like 2 minutes ago) to no longer make apologies for myself.

    I’m not sure if by this post you’re stating your claim or if you’re wondering if you should keep on keepin’ on. “But I do wonder if it’s even healthy to be so open.” Being so open can and will get you hurt, but in the long run it’ll also be the only way to find those that really want the real you. How can that ever happen if you hide behind a mask of lies and normalcy?

  3. I think being uptight and hiding yourself from people is far unhealthier than just being you.

    How can you develop any sort of REAL substantial relationship if you’re doing it as someone other than yourself. Life isn’t a play and it shouldn’t be scripted.

  4. Your posts make me smile every time. Living open and honest, and letting it all hang out, is the only way to go for me. I tried hiding inside myself, and it only made it hard to sleep at night. My brain was too busy being full of all the things I never let myself say. Now, I empty everything out during the day…much better sleep. :)

  5. We are not a mainsteam family at all and we are very open about our lifestyle. I’ve always been off the beaten path, from as long as I can remember. My mother encouraged me to follow my heart, not others and it’s something I encourage in my own children. :-)

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