Since when does growing up mean missing out?

Always, right? It’s always been the case that being an adult means being responsible and not always doing what you want just because you want to do it.

Deep down I know this to be true.

I suppose.

But this weekend is BlogHer12 (in NEW YORK CITY), and I’ll just be honest – I am aching.

Aching not in the “oh, poor me” sense…though maybe a little bit…but mostly aching because I KNOW there are things (and people) there that I desperately need in my life.

Some people are gamers. They create networks of love and friendship through the common love of a specific goal – a set of rules, a way of doing things. Some people make these connections through church and belief systems. Still others find fulfillment and friendship through causes and uproar.

Me? I’m a blogger.

I’m not the best at being a blogger – I slack on commenting and I tend to gravitate my like of anyone towards how they interact on Twitter – but I give it all I have. I spill out my secrets and I tell you about my days.

For no reason, really. No reason other than the hope that somewhere, someone will see me and relate. Know they are not alone.

For me, the BlogHer conference is just that – a meeting of people like me when people like me are so hard to find. People who know what I mean when I say “I have a blog” and they know and understand all that is entailed.

They accept me even though all they’ve ever been confronted with is the REAL me. The me on these pages. Seriously – that in and of itself is enough to make me want to cry.

So while I can’t go this year, one day I will. And it will be just as lovely and right as I envision.

One Day.

9 thoughts on “Since when does growing up mean missing out?

  1. Wishing so bad I could be there too! Most of the blogging world is new to me, and I always feel one step behind! Who knows maybe next year we will both be there! =)

  2. I’m brand new to blogging itself, let alone blogher! So I’m just now learning how neat of an event it is. I live about 3 hours away from NYC, so it was like a cookie being dangled in front of me, that I couldn’t afford to eat! But I’m hoping to spend this year growing as a blogger, and like you, I would love to make it next year. Hope to see you there!!

  3. Next year Chicago?

    Last year BlogHer was in San Diego. I was in San Diego. It was but a short and sweet bike ride. But I didn’t go. I had so much negativity running through me, poisoning my thoughts that I just stayed away.

    I could kick myself.

    I’m not only a blogger, but also a roller derby chick. Last week was the BlogHer of derby – Rollercon. I totally could have hopped in with my friends and laughed all the way to Vegas. I didn’t go. I could kick myself. Oh well… I’ll just have more chocolate pudding!

  4. For me, blogging is cheaper than therapy, and I get some cool stuff to review! Just learning about Blogher, and making plans to see you all in Chicago!

  5. Completely understand as no one I work with blogs but they have been reading my blog and recognize things here and there that have been brought up. Even though they may not realize it but I ask them questions and bounce ideas off them to get another perspective before writing a post.

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