Face-to-Facebook friends and clutter

I’ve mentioned before that friends are not an easy thing for me to come by. I’ve never been one of those people with a full dance card (Really? What is that? The hell am I saying?) and lists of mobs to invite to birthday/wedding/graduation/whatever.

I say this not because it makes me sad, but because I feel you need to know that to read the rest of this.

I fully admit that the reason I don’t have more friends is because I’m lazy. I’m lazy and friends are work. Being available, meeting for coffee, last minute babysitting, dropping by to say hi, going out to dinner. Coordinating schedules.

Which is why, I suppose, I’ve always been so into the Internet. I’ve been message boarding since the message board days were young, and for some reason I never questioned the concept that online friends are just as real (sometimes) as real-life friends.

So when Facebook came along, I was all over that. Keeping track of people’s weddings and kids, deaths, weight loss, jobs. All that stuff that is critical when it’s in your life…but tends to lose importance when other people take it in.

Somewhere along the way, though, the importance of real people kind of…faded. I found myself scrolling through updates and lives of people who I only vaguely remembered knowing at all.

Why this? Why these people?

I knew the ins and outs of so many lives, but when faced with the same people in line at the pharmacy or post office…I pretended not to see them. I would know that someone had a hard day last Monday, but when I saw them on Wednesday we’d pass like we’d never met.

At the time of this post, I have 417 friends on Facebook. That’s just…absurd.

But what to do? Prune people, let them wonder why? What about the people who just turn around and try to add me back?

I’d say it’s time to be ruthless. Because in trying to keep my life simple and linear, there’s no point in clutter – even if it’s online.

2 thoughts on “Face-to-Facebook friends and clutter

  1. Yeah, internet friends are so much easier to keep up with. A blog comment here, an email there. But when they expect me to wear clothes, and leave my house? It’s a no-go. I’ve lost friendships, over this whole being antisocial thing. And not antisocial, in the way that I don’t like talking to people. I can chat an old lady in the grocery store up like no body’s business. But I’m no good at regularly interacting with friends. I’ve been known to ask “But didn’t we just go to the mall?” “Michele, that was a month ago…” Lol, next time I’ll suggest hanging out on skype.

    • I could have written this post and reply myself! I find that I connect way more onlline than in real life. I am working to reverse that but it’s tough! My comfort zone is thrown out of wack when I have to be social. It’s tough but doable…I hope!

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