Randomer and randomest

There are weird things about me, you know. I realize I present myself in a very pristine manner and I may seem totally put together, but I am totally deceptive like that.

So, randomly, here we go…

It makes me feel special and cuddly when someone new follows me on Twitter.

I haven’t run in a billion years.

I confirmed my schedule for next semester. Eeee.

On the subject of school, I applied for Spring 2013 graduation. That’s soon, you know.

Gordon Ramsay is a complete sellout. Complete.

That said, I adore him beyond all reason and will watch anything he does.

Yesterday we (well, Max) finally found Lucy’s left sneaker. This is a huge deal, since we have been looking for those shoes for at least a month and the child has instead been wearing sandals or rain boots. Every day. He found it behind the toilet in the bathroom that he and Ava share, which I really don’t even want to think about.

I am a new convert to the world of bananas and peanut butter. Seriously how have I never realized the wonder of this combination before?

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday. It’s a good day.

3 thoughts on “Randomer and randomest

  1. How did you never know about bananas and peanut butter? This puzzles me. I completely understand the importance of finding lost shoes. Been there. Don’t like it.

    I want to tell you that I appreciate that you blog. I have times where I want to commit to blogging, but I never do. You do. That’s cool.

  2. Now that you’ve finally discovered peanut butter and bananas, may I introduce to you cookies and milk? Beer and pizza? Capt (Morgan) and coke? Uhm… Oh yeah, Nutella and Jam? Oh yeah – a great great combo! It’s like eating fondue toast, an important part of a well balanced breakfast!

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