Things I thought while randomly awake

Normally I sleep pretty well in between toddler wakings.

And yes, Lucy still wakes up. She has slept through the night once in two years.

I can hear you judging me.

But anyway, this past week I woke up lots of times when Lucy and Josh were both snoozing pretty heavily. I wouldn’t call it insomnia because I never stayed awake for very long, but during the awake spurts I (for one reason or another, I blame dreams or something) I found myself pondering some fairly off the wall things.

I shall list those things for you now, because lists are fun.

In no particular order:

That movie Awake where some actor I can’t think of right now and am too lazy to IMDb has surgery and the anasthesia worked just enough to paralyze him but not enough so that he was unconscious and Jessica Alba was his girlfriend
The Stephen King story with a remarkably similar premise but the dude is having an autopsy instead of surgery
Ridiculously large nipples
(this is where I kind of realized how strange my lines of thinking were becoming)
Posting a blog about thinking weird things
Tina Fey and how we could maybe be friends
How lots of people probably think they could be friends with Tina Fey and probably she hates that
Being a celebrity
Playing the piano
That big Taco-Bell-has-poop-tacos fiasco some years back
How anything could be put in the food we buy prepared
Once Josh and I went to this restaurant in Oxford and my shrimp smelled and tasted like urine
Probably that means I’ve eaten rodent urine
Maybe we should eat out less
The kitchen floor needs to be mopped
How is it possible that my children can eat anything at all and half of it still ends up smeared on the floor
Sleeping is good but I wish it were optional.


Stay tuned for more


2 thoughts on “Things I thought while randomly awake

  1. Haha! You’re list is great and I laughed at some things. Seriously? These are what in your thoughts that time? You’re awesome!

  2. Oh we’re absolutely the same in thinking of some things like being a celebrity, eating less, playing the piano, and our dirty and freaky kitchen floor. That means I’m not as crazy as I thought. LOL^^

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