Darling Belle of the ball

I’ve told you before about my friend Amanda.

In the first years I knew Amanda, she was something of a mirage. I mean, she was just too perfect. If I were a lesbian and I hadn’t been in the lesbian-condemning phase of my life, I would have fallen in total love with her.

Which, in a way, I guess I did. Except not in that I want to see her naked or anything.

Amanda was (is) simply the most elegant and lovely person I’ve ever met. She always says we are so much alike, but she is everything that I am not. Poised and graceful and…neat and clean. Determined and beautiful.

Amanda, years ago now, moved to England to be with the darling man she loves. One who treats her like a goddess and never has a less than glowing word to say about her.

She finished school. She taught. She had some babies (two at once!).

Amanda has now started a business, one that is absolutely perfect for her in that it combines being lovely and stylish with making people happy and moving mountains.

Darling Belle Events’ blog launches today. My lovely friend has worked her metaphorical balls off to get things absolutely perfect – and she has succeeded.

I can’t be in London to buy her flowers or give her a hug, have champagne or stay up all night dancing.

I can, however, tell you that you want to see this. This is the wedding stuff that you pictured when you were a little girl (or boy), sprinkling flower petals and throwing rice (because we didn’t know until I was ten or so that rice made birds explode). This is the dream.



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