Back from the dead and phantom dialing

I would love to say that I’ve been quiet for so long because I’ve been busy doing spectacular things.

I haven’t. 

I gave myself one day off, and then it just sort of snowballed. And every day I would think about it, but I never really had anything to say. Then the next day would come, and I’d have even less to say.

Which I suppose is to say that I’ve let my mind rot for the last week or so.

I had a fantastic weekend, though. Remarkably so. You know how sometimes you can be around someone so much that you forget what made you want to be around them in the first place? Well, this weekend Josh and I became friends again. Not that we weren’t, but I think the weekend just made me remember why I love him so much.

Sap, sap, sap.

The hair thing is coming along. It’s now been almost three weeks since I have used shampoo on my hair, and I have to say, I’m loving it. My bangs tend to get a little oily, but the rest of my hair is coping just fine. It seems shinier and heavier, and feels healthier. May just be my imagination.

Lucy got a pink potty. She has only actually used it a handful of times, but she has delighted in transporting it to every room in the house.nnnnhxshhahassymyyasddgDdad,ad,d

And that, my friends, is what happens when The 911 calls to tell you that they’ve gotten 6000 calls from a phone and that they have “pinpointed it to your location, ma’am,” and the toddler picks up the keyboard and screeches after you “I got the ipad! I got the ipad!”


I didn’t find a phone. The lady from the 911 said that they had an open call and as soon as she started talking to me, it hung up. She was fairly certain that I was delusional and that my kid was dialing away under my nose.


I’ve got news for you, lady. This kid carries her potty to the kitchen and tries to eat her shoelaces. SHE IS INCAPABLE OF ESPIONAGE.

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