Stupid resolutions

I talked last week about the resolutions I’m making. And not making.

I’ve read so many people saying things like “I resolve to lose X pounds,” or “Tomorrow is diet day,” or similar statements about cleaning house or doing…whatever. Quitting smoking or getting divorced or making progress on projects.

And I get it. The fresh start of something…anything…is a stimulant.

It totally is for me too.

But I am conciously choosing not to do that this year, because maybe it’s just me but I get SO upset with myself when I inevitably mess up my goal.

So here’s the secret, kids, aim low!

Not really. I have decided, though, to be a bit more positive when choosing changes for my life.

Like I resolve to not be such a bitch. To be more giving and less selfish.

To make an effort to be happier – not to fix myself. Because I don’t need fixing. I’m ok.

These are all things I’ve said before, but where did it all ever come from? Why do we pick things we think are wrong with us and try to change ourselves?

It’s all very negative if you think on it. It’s stupid to start out a new section of your life by bathing it in things you don’t like about yourself.

Because if anyone is going to like you, shouldn’t it be…well, you?

5 thoughts on “Stupid resolutions

  1. My resolutions are all positive. I decided not to try to lose or quit or stop anything. I’m STARTING things. I’ve decided to only eat things that are awesome – they don’t have to be healthy, just delicious. And I’ve decided to learn to crochet.

    That’s it. Start a new habit and start a new hobby. It’s much easier to start a good thing than stop a bad thing so I’m more likely to succeed!

    • Delicious things. I like it.

      Of course for me that would translate to, “eat ALL the things,” and that would be AWESOME.

      Crochet! Yay! I learned from YouTube. Please update on progress on Twitter.

  2. I don’t bother making proper resolutions, I’m terrible at them. I just give myself a general goal to work toward every year. This year I’m going to settle into my life and become comfortable with who I am.
    Here’s to a fabulously happy year!

  3. I have resolved to not get a neck or face tattoo. Fairly certain this will be obtained. Other than that I am going to keep on being awesome and chip away at those projects I have been saying I need to get done.

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