Have a hobby in the lobby

According to my blogging calendar which I am employing as a betterment and NOT a resolution, this month is Hobby Month.

I never really had many hobbies. In high school and my initial foray into college I was too worried about being cool and making friends and whatever else.

Now, though, I have found the joy of tedious pastimes.

Crocheting. Knitting. Sewing, now that I have a machine (Lucy screams whenever I try to use it, though, so…there is that). Writing, which I should do more of. Painting, which I admittedly have not done in a long time.

You know what I’ve found, though? Hobbies are damnfruit fun. I love doing these things because I CHOOSE to do them.

no, not by me. just thought it was pretty.


Lots of people have said things along the lines of, “Why don’t you set up a booth/etsy/various other mercantile options for your knitting and stuff?” And it makes sense. I should do that.


But here is the ordeal. The VERY INSTANT I become committed to making something (anything), I despise it. I avoid it on purpose and I take 10 times longer to do it than I normally would.

So I don’t do it.

Which, I suppose, is a little bit lazy, maybe selfish.

I can’t help that, though. I yam what I yam.

5 thoughts on “Have a hobby in the lobby

  1. I cant even tell you how true that is…. doing anything that isnt purely for yourself will ruin it b/c people will always ask you to do things that arent really what you want to be doing, so it can quickly turn into a chore.

    I have often told people the same thing about pursuing a “career” in photography b/c they see it as easy money – once you start doing it for the money, it will ruin it for you and it will never be fun again – unless, its something that you love with every fiber of your being (I still love it, but its hard some days)… :)

  2. Choosing something you like is not always very easy. For instance, when I decided to be a doctor my parents tried to persuade me no to, because it is very hard, stressful and so on. I didn’t listen to them and I do not regret at all!

  3. I understand. I LOVE writing but it scares me a bit to think about doing it for a living. I enjoy it so much right now as a hobby. My mother and fahter are both authors and so it has always come as natural as breathing to me. And not writing is not an option. It is my creative outlet. But to move it from being a hobby to something more is a bit frightening at times. So, I get it.

  4. A wise advisor once told me to never let your hobbies become your career. It’s better to have distractions from the daily grind than to try and make your fun into money and end up hating your fun escape.

    Also, that is one awesome title. I have such a hard time coming up with witty titles to posts- kudos to you!

  5. I wish I could have that fear! I’m the type who just gives up when something isn’t easy, so I’ve never given myself the chance to actually get good at something. I think I’m going to have to work on that.

    Selling on Etsy might be a good idea for you though. Just continue making things you love and sell them when you’re done. Try not to think about it as making for sale and perhaps you won’t grow to resent your favourite pastime?

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