Obligatory End of Year Post

I know lots of people say this and it’s totally cliche, but where did 2011 go?
Seriously, it’s insane that it’s almost 2012. Forgive me if I wax nostalgic for the next couple of days.
Shouldn’t we all be jetting around in hovercars and jetpacks by now? That’s what the Weekly Reader told me in 1988. 
When I was 8, the year 2000-anything seemed impossible. I suppose it’s true that everything is relative. I certainly would never have put myself where I am, in thinking about the future.
Chalk it up to divine plan or whatever you want, but it’s strange the way things work out…and whether it sounds dorky or not, it’s exciting to see what happens next.
As for resolutions? I make them every year. More often than not I lose steam in a couple of weeks, but I always resolve. This year isn’t any different – well, maybe a little.
This year I’m not resolving to lose weight or keep the house spotless (sorry, family). I’ve done those or some variation thereof every year since I was 15.
But not this year. For 2012 I simply resolve to be diligent about being happy. To do whatever needs to be done in order to make my life good and full. To keep my family happy and whole, to love my life from day to day, and to be able to come back this time next year and say with honesty that I kept my resolutions to the best of my ability and that my life is better for it.
I don’t get many comments…but if you’re reading, tell me what you want out of 2012. Really. I’d love to hear.

7 thoughts on “Obligatory End of Year Post

  1. What do I want out of 2012?

    To feel better. To finally get a handle on these headaches, and to take better care of myself. I’d like to get a handle on my house. It doesn’t need to be spotless – I know that’s not possible, but it can be under control for goodness’ sake. I need to take control of my own happiness. Sometimes I think I leave it up to “other” circumstances, when truthfully, mostly, it’s in my hands.

    Happy New Year, Emily!

    • Gen – I hope the new year gives you some answers and your head can stop screaming. Happy new year to you.

      Kim – I think everyone should resolve to be happy. Maybe I should resolve to re-resolve every month or so.

  2. That was beautifully said, Emily. I never comment, but I read you every day. What I want out of 2012 is hard to say… I do want to be thinner. I need to work harder and get all my school projects done before my wedding. (ie: yearbook) But those resolutions sound so NOT fun. I like your resolution much, much better. :)

  3. I want to really take my photography business to the next level – to actually make it sustainable, where it could be my one and only job instead of my second job…. and that in turn would make me inextricably happy.

    Now… to figure out how to do that… :)

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