Shrinking worldwide

Dan is back from China. Whole and well (actually, I’m writing this on Thursday night and he’s not in fact home yet, he’s in Chicago. I’m taking for granted that he will arrive whole and well and in doing so I may have jinxed the whole thing. If that happens, I’m truly sorry. I can’t control my powers).

This trip that he’s been on got me thinking about just how amazing technology is.

Cliche and trite, I know. But you never realize how true something like that is until you’re faced with it.

First there are cell phones. My first cell phone was in a bag and never ever got used. The whole family shared it.

Then came the Zack Morris square phones.

Then those Nokia brick shaped things with nubby little antennas.

Then on and on and on, and now we have smartphones that have more powerful computers than the first shuttle to the moon.

Then there was texting. $.10 apiece and I never did it much. Then it caught on and now I cannot name a significant life event that I have not texted someone to inform. I texted Josh that I was pregnant. I texted my family the same news. When we moved, when we came home. All announced via texts. When Lucy was born – texts.

Computers have gone from giant behemoth things (like the first computer I ever bought myself, it was a Gateway and it was as big as I was) to the sheet-of-paper sized iPad I’m typing on now.

I am never disconnected. I can always be reached. There are pros and cons to that, but since I’m a mom and for at least the next 17 years I’m going to need to be accessible, I’m thankful.

My kids missed their dad while he was gone, sure they did.

But they saw him and spoke to him every night. Even now I can check my phone and see Dan’s little blinking dot on the map, telling me where he is and if he’s going to be on time (he’s not).

So what I guess I’m trying to say is that I feel really very lucky to live in a time like this. I feel lucky that if I get worried that my husband was in the accident I just heard on the highway, I can text him and make sure he’s okay. If I’m running late I don’t have to leave anyone waiting. If I go away from my kids I can still see their faces. Even from the other side of the world. And that is everything.

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