Are you excited?

You should be.

Because I have got the hookup and you want it.

Here’s the deal: one week from today is Black Friday, the day that people far and wide impale each other with shopping carts for a chance to buy a $5 bluray player or something equally titillating. The worldwide first official day of Christmas shopping, because the rest of the world (unlike me) tends to frown on the shaking boobies coffee mug from the gas station.

But for one person, part of the Christmas list comes prechecked, because they will get to spend $50 in one of the coolest Etsy stores I’ve seen thus far.

A couple of weeks ago, josh and I were talking about phone cases and how they were such a difficult thing – finding one you like that is also functional and protective and capable of cooking dinner.

I did some searching, and I happened upon Iris & Lily, where all my dreams came true. Cases/covers for iPhones, iPads, eReaders, and whatever else.


After a couple of messages with the shop’s proprietor, Diane, I ordered two cases. They should be on their way soon.

I was so impressed with the cleverness of the merchandise and the accommodating kindness of Diane that I asked if she’d be willing to let me host a giveaway featuring her handiwork.


She was willing.

So here’s the deal: to enter, leave a comment. About whatever.

And ta-da, you’re entered to win a custom made $50 worth of gadgetry coverness.

For extra entries, follow me on twitter @emilysteen, or like me on Facebook (except I think that’s against the TOS so while I would love it if you liked my page, that can’t count as an entry. Sorry if you clicked the like for nothing), or…tell people how much you love me. You have to leave a separate comment for each thing. Otherwise how would I know?

This post will be open until I choose the winner next Thursday night (via random number generator), when I will close the comments.

I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning, so be sure and leave a valid email.

Hooray for Christmas! Hooray for handmade goodness! Hooray for free stuff!


Don’t worry, she can totally make man-friendly merch. These were just prettier.

This giveaway was totally my idea and I’m not being compensated in any way. Just spreading the love.

29 thoughts on “FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY

  1. I like prizes. Yes I do. I also love my iPhone. And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Especially the non-wrapped ones.

    Random number generator please pick me. ::blows dandelion::

  2. I already follow you and your blog on twitter and Facebook and would totally follow it on google plus if that were an option. Do I get bonus suck up points?

  3. I want one of these cases so bad! However, money is not an option for these right now. So….pickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickme!

  4. I do believe the only contest I ever won was a random drawing that I put my name in at Wal-Mart many years ago. It was a drawing to win a giant stuffed cockroach. I kid you not. I think it was courtesy of RAID. I was out shopping with my mom, and when we got home the phone rang. It was the good folks at Wal-Mart telling me to come pick up my grand prize – a gigantic, hideous stuffed cockroach. I was actually pretty stoked! :)
    BUT, I would be way more stoked to win this awesome prize! Although, I’m not sure that’s saying much…
    Anyway, that being said – random number generator pick ME!
    And Emily Rocks.
    That is all. :)

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  6. Ooh! I want to get covers for my husband’s gadgetry (does that sound wrong?!) anyway so I’ll comment! If I was a Twitterer I’d do that, but I’m not. And I already follow you on Facebook, helpless as that is anyway. ;-)

  7. I think these are absolutely adorable. Hope they come in cases for the 4’s! This is me entire your giveaway per your request and hope that I actually do win this. I never win anything.

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