I’ve been complaining a lot. And that’s unfair to my lot in life because really, I have it pretty great.

At times like these I like to make lists.

One would think that I would be organized with the way I feel about lists. One would be wrong.

So without further ado, these things I love. They warm my heart.

  • I love when the sky looks like this.
  • 20111012-222950.jpg

  • I love that all the shows are back on. Is that sad and pathetic? I don’t care. I love it.
  • I love classes. I bitch and moan about my work and tests and stuff, but truth be told – it gives me a little thrill to be able to go through the motions of questions and learning and working towards a goal.
  • I love moving my foot over to Josh’s side in the night. My toes get cold.
  • I love Lucy’s breath in the mornings.
  • I love that Ava’s new favorite thing is riding her bike. She’s gotten really great at it.
  • I love that Max delights in my pumpkin muffins.
  • I love my Clapotis. It’s finished and I may never go anywhere without it again. Pictures soon.
  • I love that’s it’s fall. I could not possibly love any time of year more.
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