Dear diary

Dear Diary,

Did anyone else for real used to write in their diaries like that? I know I did. I “dear diary”ed and signed off in every entry. It was actually perfect if I’d ever been in a sitcom situation of someone finding my diary and using it to ruin my life. But I wasn’t.

So anyway, Diary, I’ve been super busy lately. Last week I left pretty much every subject of schoolwork until Sunday. It wasn’t even that hard to catch up, though I’d hate to do it every week.

Lucy spent the last part of the week cutting two nasty huge molar teeth and making sure everyone in the house knew it. After the second night of trying to sleep in the rocker, I pretty much went through everything on auto pilot.

I also think I should share that Max just “retraced” his steps in order to find his backpack. When I say retraced, I mean he tried his best to do everything he could remember doing, backwards. The backpack is sitting on one of the dining room chairs. He’s walked directly past it at least six times.

Last night I braided Ava’s hair so that it would be curly today. It…kind of worked. I mean, it did what it was supposed to do, but I forgot how frizzy and 80s perm-y hair is when it isn’t accustomed to being anything but straight. And tangled.

She likes it, though.


I dreamed last night that I got like five tattoos at once. One was on my forehead. It was the word “chism” which means absolutely nothing to me.

So that’s that, Diary. My life, while unexciting, is chock full of random things.


3 thoughts on “Dear diary

  1. I totally “Dear Diary” ‘ed every. single. day. From around 8th grade until I left for college. I seriously never missed a day and I would go back and read what I was doing that past year on that same day. I need to go get those from my parents house. Emabarrasing shit in there.

    I also braided Raven’s hair last night to make it curly today. It had the same effect as Ava’s. She loves it too. ;)

  2. I think Ava looks adorable – it totally works at that age… if you want really pretty, wavy hair, then you have to wind it up into a bun and leave it… :)

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