Things I am (irrationally or not) afraid of

I generally don’t think of myself as a skittish person.

I don’t think I do, anyway. I think I’m a pretty ballsy gal.

But there are a few things, hard as it may be to admit, that I am and will always be terrified of. I shall list them.

1. Being blind. Legally I technically already am blind, but I’m talking serious, no-light-no-dark blind. Just thinking about it kind of gives me the wooblies.

2. One of my children growing up to be a murderer.
I’ve mentioned before (here I think) that I like to read true crime stuff. I’ve been known to waste unmentionable amounts of time in the True Crime Library online, reading about legendary and famous murders. I have no idea why it fascinates me so.

3. A razor blade (like a Bic) somehow making contact with either my eyeball or my gums. Think about that for a second and tell me you don’t squirm a little.

4. Snakes. I know it’s cliche, but holy shit those things are scary. I’m fine with them until I start thinking about it too hard….and if I do, then suddenly there are snakes in the bedsheets and in the driveway and stuck in the airbags of the car, thank you Bryan Essary for that image.

5. Something – anything – biting my ass when I sit down on the toilet. No explanation needed.

6. Being caught unawares by something lying behind me when I’m laying on my side (see what I did there? I used both laying and lying for the same thing because I wasn’t sure which one was correct). I think I have Ernest Scared Stupid to thank for that one.

7. Having my ankle tendons (or whatever important musculature lies in that area) slashed by someone hiding under my car.
I think that was some sort of urban legend when I was in high school? I don’t know where I got it, but it’s terrifying.

8. Being spied on through dark nighttime windows.

9. Car wrecks.

10. Losing my teeth. Whether by accident or by nature. It worries me.


I’m sure if I thought more about this, I could go on for days.

I’ll leave you with that. I think that’s plenty of evidence that I am a little too imaginative sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Things I am (irrationally or not) afraid of

  1. Admittedly, I squirmed at number 3. And I do believe #7 is definitely an urban myth. And I feel kind of content to know that I am not alone in #10.

    Everybody has fears, from the most irrational to the ridiculously sane. I just hope no fears come true and they end up mostly unfounded. :)

  2. I saw a new flick in the theatre the other day that made me think of #3. It is called “Drive” and has been getting excellent critical reviews. Needless to say the violence is graphic, and there is a scene in there that would make you lose you lunch of #3 at all makes you squeemish….

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