Enough is me.

It’s humbling to admit that a vast amount of my time is spent fretting about how I’m perceived and whether or not people like me.

I know, I know, I say this shit over and over.

I’ve done things that have lost me friends.

I have stuck to principles and been left behind as a result.

I’ve been flat lazy in putting forth the effort to make and keep friends.

But I’ve thought a lot this weekend about how and why I worry so much when all I can control is me (completely apropos of nothing. No reason prompted).

But how and why did I ever get the idea that the way anyone else behaves reflects on or effects me?

So I’m kind of finished caring. I can focus on me and on the love I put out into the world around me, but I can’t fix anyone else.

I can’t make you like me, be nicer to me, or respect me. I can’t convince you to love me more, laugh with me, or care about the world I inhabit.

And that’s fine. I’m finding that being me and being the way I am is enough for me.

4 thoughts on “Enough is me.

  1. I’m just meeting you…and I like you. :)

    Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’m done” and move on, especially in the light of lost friends over sticking to your principles. That sucks.

    Thanks for linking up with us at JBE!! :)

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