Sometimes it just needs to be said.

There are people I love.

Of course there are, everyone loves someone.

What I mean is there are people I love besides the people I birthed, was birthed by, or choose to live with.

I love my family, and I tell them all the time, but there are people who I love and don’t tell.

I don’t know why. It’s not premeditated. It’s not like I sit around and think of dark, devious ways to keep my loving feelings to myself.

I guess I don’t really think about the fact that everyone isn’t inside my head (and believe me, you lucky bastards, that’s a good thing) and so I can’t expect anyone to know things unless I tell them.

The breakdown in interpersonal communication. It’s the curse of the techno generation.

But sometimes I’m reminded that other people are better at conveying their feelings than I am.

Like yesterday. My friend Cody had mentioned on Twitter that he was catching up on my posts. It was very sweet and made me smile.

And then I had the following text conversation:

Priceless. Perfection.

Seriously, have you ever thought about how much a simple statement can mean to another person? My mood went from “meh” to “fuck yes I’m awesome” in milliseconds.

And it made me sad that I don’t do that more often.

I mean, why do I have nice thoughts about people and not tell them? Why would you keep something like that to yourself?

It’s a total rush. I have it in me to totally make someone feel fantastic on a daily basis. I should do it. Often.

And I think I will.

One thought on “Sometimes it just needs to be said.

  1. It IS really an awesome feeling to give and get compliments like that. This message is so timely too as I got the following message on Pinterest the other night (night before last).

    “like ok..i gotta say something to you; vodka gave me courage. i think you’re awesome i forget where i found one of your posts but obvi i’m a huge fan bc i keep “liking” things and they’re from you! anyway…good job, keep being real…and most importantly, stay you. *listen do the dawson’s creek cd, title called stay you, it’s pretty awesome*”

    I mean, how nice is that? It really made me feel so good and I SO need that from time to time, even though perhaps I shouldn’t.

    Anyway, great post. So true. And I also think you are a fantabulous writer and should hop to on writing a book. I’d buy it. Forealz.

    (I wish I could say the “F” word more often. I have no idea why I aspire to that but I do. There, I said it. :))

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