For every sprinkle I find I shall kill you

Perhaps going off my meds next month isn’t the greatest plan.

My first day of schooling went approximately as I expected.

There was so much.
So much.

I kept telling Josh we had to be calm, scheduled, and patient. Not to try and do everything at once, and then I ate my words because I was frazzled and scattered.

I swear I’m not going to talk about school and stress and being frustrated every day until forever.

But I kind of think I’ve grown some dumb in the last ten years.

I finished, though. I did all the assignments for the subjects I’d appointed for the day. I read and I quizzed and I GREW VIRTUAL CORN WITH VIRTUAL PESTS.

….and then I curled up on the couch, hummed a haunting tune, and rocked myself into a stupor while I knit a shawl.

A shawl.

In August. In Mississippi.

I think it’s safe to say this may be a long semester.

3 thoughts on “For every sprinkle I find I shall kill you

  1. Oh great knitting friend… I want a shawl. :)
    I wondered about you several times yesterday and how it was going with the schoolwork. You will do fine, I just know it, even though I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it must be! If I can help, I will!

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