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I don’t hug my kids enough.

I admit it, it’s totally a downfall. Max hugs awkwardly, Ava chooses the absolute hottest, sweatiest times of day to want a hug, and Lucy loves hugs so much she shrieks if I put her down.

Yesterday, though, I hugged my kids. They are freaking awesome little people and I hate that I sometimes take them for granted.

We had a good day.

(also, I asked Max to contribute a blog post of his own. I told him he could write whatever he wanted, but then Dan showed him my Harry Potter post and I think he thought that’s what he was supposed to do. So I admit, I’m a little let down. I expected probably too much, because dude – the kid can talk like nobody’s business. He goes nonstop. I figured he’d slap out gems of information, like I’m Max, I’m nine, and here’s a working recipe for dynamite. It’s a work in progress. But Max is awesome and I’m including his post. Here ’tis.)

Hi. This is Max. This is what I think about Harry Potter.

I’m very sad about the series ending finally ending. It has a place in the hearts of millions, including me. At first, I didn’t like it. When I got about halfway through the first book, I started to get into it. By the time I finished it, I loved it. I read the third one in 3 days.( I’m not trying to brag.) I fell asleep reading Goblet of Fire. And now it’s all over. It’s just another Star Wars, Marvel, or Chronicles of Narnia. But Harry will always live in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Where I talk about hugging and Max blogs

  1. How cute is the max man? I love the photos. Okay, HONESTLY, that last photo…I had to study it a bit. I was trying to figure out how Lucy was so tall next to YOU. It took a few moments to realize that was just your mini me Ava. Love you all!

  2. I love to hug, so much that sometimes my daughter tells me: “mom it is enough!” And she is only 4 years old!
    What a beautiful family you have! Love the pictures, especially the one that you are holding your baby with your eyes closed and she has her little arms around you. So beautiful!
    Stopping by from BlogFrog (Discussion: “Let’s follow each other!”)

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