Antisocially awkward

I have no clue when my life became so disconnected.

Obviously not “disconnected” in the sense of being offline or off the grid or anything like that, because that would be, you know, a travesty. I mean, if I didn’t know when Suzy Jane was irritated with some random coworker whom I’ll never meet or know, then…my god, my eyeballs might bleed for sheer lack of knowledge.

I mean I can go days and days and only come into real human contact with my kids, my husband, and Dan, and I only realize that it’s weird after the fact.

I keep up with people via Facebook and twitter, and while it’s great and I love it, I wonder what it’s actually doing to my ability to interact with flesh and blood people.

Not that Twitter and Facebook people aren’t flesh and blood people. It just becomes easier to overlook their flesh and bloodliness since they’re behind a screen/phone/whatever.

It’s easy to make a shitty life appear shiny and flawless if you don’t actually have to interact. I find myself glossing over a lot of things, especially on Facebook. It’s not that I’m being dishonest, it’s just that I don’t want to say, “Boy today sucks,” and then be bombarded with “O no watz wrong? :(” or “You’re in my prayers,” or directed to read 1 Davinia 4:11 by some chick I knew in 1993 because it will certainly cure all my woes.

If my husband’s being a shit, I can’t say that because it’s like I’ve posted an ad for amateur marriage counselors and evaluations of my relationship when in reality, I’m being too touchy or he’s just being grumpy and before the bytes have crackled to the online we’re already back to normal.

I’m not knocking the caring or sincerity of the Facebook community, but…you know.

So I wonder if we’ve all been lured into thinking we live in some storybook universe, just because people interact by being removed. We have a false sense of what’s normal, what’s not.

I don’t think enough people are honest about their problems. People fight. People make mistakes. People get annoyed with the people they love most. And then people get over it.

But the Internet doesn’t get over it. The Internet has a long memory.

Maybe I just need to get out more.

5 thoughts on “Antisocially awkward

  1. I cut myself off deliberately. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. I just find it so annoying to deal with the BS that most people are always going on and on about. I’m even antisocial online. I got off Facebook and am seriously thinking about nixing Twitter. I think I just have a very hard time dealing with the nuances of most people’s daily life. Actually, I think I’m rambling now.

  2. I spend almost every day inside my house, and either with my kids (when school is out) or alone (when they are at school)-and almost without exception now, I speak only to them and my husband and on days when my dad comes over, to him. On the weekends, we might have friends over. So, sometimes during a 7 day period I’ll say words out loud to maybe 8 total people. Some days, I might go 10 or 12 hours without speaking at all, even as I carry on fairly lively conversations online through twitter and (now instead of Facebook) Google+

    It’s different than when I was younger, but since I stopped working in restaurant management in 2002, this has been my life. Now I find it pretty painful and intrusive when I have to interact with a large group of people.

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