It apparently doesn’t take much.

I told you that I was relocating the website. Messing with servers and such.

By the way, if something is screwy, let me know. I’ll do my best to fix it.

What I DIDN’T say (although I may have hinted ever so slightly through gritted teeth), was that there has never before been a time that I SO BADLY wanted to throw things. People. Lucy better be glad she’s cute.

I am just NOT accustomed to being completely clueless. Especially when what I’m so clueless about is touted all over the damned Internet as being “famously” simple. 5 minutes, they promised me.

Bull. Shit.

I decided that since I couldn’t get things the way I wanted them before my featured day on ITPR, I would just leave it be until I had a better handle on just exactly what was going on.

Except yesterday I woke up and there was a placeholder webpage where my blog was supposed to be.

I freaked out. Lucy woke up. Josh woke up. I got the hosting service on the phone and none of my passcode handshake musicfarts would work and prove that I was actually me and not some website thief preying on WordPress placeholder pages.

There were redirects and forwards and eventually things were ok to ride out the day’s traffic.

But this afternoon, I started to fiddle. Just a bit. Until it was a lot and I got real ballsy and went into the controls and removed all the safety nets I had set up in the morning. And then suddenly, the heavens opened. Angels sang, my boobs grew, my waist shrank, and all was right in the world because I for no reason at all suddenly knew exactly what to do.

So I did. And I will be fiddling with tweaks and controls until the end of time, BECAUSE IT’S MY WEBSITE AND I CAN.

Seriously, though. Can you tell I’m excited? I so am. And I have no reason to be.

2 thoughts on “It apparently doesn’t take much.

  1. I’d like to acknowledge your delicate perfection with sarcastically dry and exceeding witty humor. I dig it. Kudo’s to you. And please don’t stop. There is nothing I dislike more than getting all connected emotionally with a blog, only to have the blogger get up and on with her life leaving ‘the followers’ high and dry, sarcastically sober.

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