Friends like ours

I know I’ve been gushing about friends lately and how great we have it. At least, I feel like I have.

But every day lately I find myself thinking along the lines of “wow, I really like them,” or “damnation this is fun. We’re totally lucky.” And that’s really not like me, so SEIZE THE DAY, I say.

For a long time I kind of shut myself of from having many friends because…well, having friends is a lot of work. It is. No one ever says that for the most part, but scheduling things, getting together….if you don’t know the people very very well then it gets kind of like dating in a weird way. And dating was horrible and awkward, and I really don’t want to have to do it again in multiples of two.

We spent Saturday night with friends.

Guys, I hope you know how freeing it is to have a safe place with people who love you for no reason other than that they genuinely like you. Not because they’re your family, or friends of your parents’, or because you church or office together.

People who know how weird you can be. People who know that your marriage isn’t perfect and that some times you’re a bad parent – and they know that because they have those moments too, and they’re ok with you knowing that.

I always used to feel like I had to put on kind of a happy family front around people. Not that my family isn’t happy, but there are days we yell and wake up grumpy and pissed at the world. Everyone does that, but it’s more comfortable to pretend that’s not the case, I suppose.

The best friends are the ones you don’t have to put on that front around.
Also, they’ll eat pie with you.
And make crazy kitchen inventions.

We are very lucky to have the friends we have.

I’m writing this to remind myself for the next time I forget.

Marty and Erin, you guys are awesome. Let’s all sing the theme from The Golden Girls.

(hot damn, that’s an excellent show. Whoever thought that putting a bunch of old ladies together for sitcom shenanigans would be so fricking hilarious?)

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