Famouser even than Captain Kangaroo

Friday night we found some old friends again.

They weren’t really lost, to be fair.

Josh and I are fundamentally antisocial. It’s awkward and it’s weird.

I don’t know why we’re this way. We like having people around and whenever we end up in a group, we usually have a great time. But when presented with the choice of staying in or going to Joey Doe’s birthday bash, we usually stay in. Or we get in the car and ride until we’re falling asleep…we then go to bed, having accomplished absolutely nothing.

I suppose it’s good that I married someone who is like me in this way, because otherwise I’d

(Dan and Josh are watching Forrest Gump. Damn, that’s an excellent movie. The scene where Jenny and Forrest are reunited in Washington D.C. is absolutely my favorite scene in most any movie ever. Out ranked only by the bridge scene in You’ve Got Mail. I kind of have a thing for Tom Hanks.)

Anyway, what was I saying?

Otherwise I’d end up either going to a bunch of places I didn’t really want to go, or I’d lie my way out of various gatherings constantly.

So Josh and I bucked our usual trend of riding around purposelessly or staying in, and we went to Alabama to chow down with some friends we hadn’t seen in far too long.

Jared and Cassie are married. They are the Wallins. And they also share a birthday week, so they invited a bunch of folks to eat Mexican and then hang out at their casa.

We went. I’m still kind of reeling in surprise, but enough of that.

I was nervous. Isn’t that stupid? I knew most of the people that were going to be there, I had nothing hanging out of my nose, and I dig Mexican food.

I’ve heard it called social anxiety, and I buy that, but in my case I think it’s just stupid. Also I’d taken my birth control pill in the car on the way and it got stuck behind my uvula.

I do not advise doing that. It was stuck there most of the damn night.

We ate Mexican and then we went back to the casa.

And their house is so pretty. They are such great people. Why am I afraid of people like that?

Cassie also made margaritas and they were excellent. I’m thinking of compiling an album of pictures of all the margaritas I drink. I think it’s a project I’d excel at.

Happy weekend.

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