Day 17 of 30 day challenge

day 17- What you want to remembered for.

To think about this, I have to think about being remembered which means death and stuff.

I don’t think anyone ever really grasps the finality of death. That’s probably good, because wouldn’t we all just hole up in the basement if we did?

But everyone wants to be remembered. For whatever.

I want my kids to remember me as someone who loved them no matter what. Someone who gave all she could.

I want my friends to remember me as someone who never pretended, always listened, and would do anything to help.

I have no illusions of being remembered by the world as a whole. Maybe a little, but I’m at least realistic. If I am remembered, I want it to be because I wasn’t afraid to say what I felt. What I thought. That I admitted my faults and said the things people think and don’t say. I hope that maybe at least a little bit I will have made some people feel not so alone.

But, you know, I hope not to be in the position to be a memory anytime soon.


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