Day 06 of 30 day challenge

day 06- Earliest thing you can remember

My earliest memory, and remarkably one of the ones that is the strongest about my childhood, is of standing in my crib looking down the hallway. The bathroom light was on, as it always was at night throughout my entire childhood.

That’s all, though – it’s just a flash.

My mother has confirmed the accuracy of the memory…the placement of the crib, the standing and calling down the hallway.

It makes me wonder what my own kids will remember from the periods of time I thought they were too small.

Will Ava remember standing in her crib on 6th Street, whispering across the room to Max?
Will Max remember the ambulance ride when he was two?
Will Lucy remember sleeping in a queen+twin bed, under the glow of my Christmas lights? Assuming we ever move out, that is.

I do my best. I hope my children remember the good parts.

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