Day 04 of 30 Day challenge

day 04- What you imagine paradise to be like

This, my idea of paradise, is one of those things that probably changes from day to day.

Have you ever seen the movie The Lake House? What a terrible movie, but that house was amazing.

Somewhere like that, off the beaten path and with lots of windows. Like, an insane amount of windows.

Airy, big. Always clean. Lots of books and comfortable furniture.

A bedroom with walls of hanging windows (like on High Fidelity, in Lisa Bonet’s house/apartment. Is it weird that I get my decorating ideas from movies?), with a mosquito netting tent over the bed and lots of squishy cushions.

A chef’s kitchen with an island stove and lots of granite. And lots of ice cream.

A tiny room with a desk, a window, and big colored Christmas lights around the top, where no one was allowed to come so I could write.

So maybe it didn’t ask for my dream house, but if that house were real….paradise.

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