My kids have been gone since Wednesday.

It’s Sunday night, and we’re waiting for them to come home.

Anyone with kids realizes what a long time that is for them to have been away. I knew it was going to be different, but…well, I’ll just say it: I didn’t think I was going to miss them very much.

GASP. I know, I know, it makes me a horrible mom and a generally shitty person. But hey, it’s summertime, and I’ve been missing some of the sanity that comes with the kids being gone for multiple hours a day.

But a couple of days ago, I caught myself thinking I saw Ava Thomas peeking in the garage door.

That’s right, folks, hallucinations! Free of charge.


Well, now they’re home, and by the time you read this they’ll have been sleeping for several hours.

I caught myself waiting by the door, watching for headlights down the road.

It was like waiting for a date. Why do we do that, anyway? I mean, seeing a car coming your way does not then make said car arrive any sooner. It does make you look doucheish, and a bit like you have no life. But hey, the truth hurts.

I’m glad they’re back. I’m saying that now, because I’m pretty sure in a few hours’ time all my sweet sentiments will be gone.

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