Writing prompt #68

It was Erica Jong who said, “If you don’t risk anything, you risk more.” Write about what this means to you.

I’ve always been kind of withdrawn.

Sometimes loudly withdrawn, but that was usually just to hide any insecurities I had.

I’m not good at making new friends, grasping new opportunities. I’m usually not much of a risk taker.

But sometimes it’s worth the chances you can take, because if you let the chance pass you by, you spend the rest of forever what might have been.

And that can drive you crazy for real.

I still wonder what my high school years might have been like if I hadn’t wasted so much time and energy on feeling inadequate. If I had cared less what everyone else thought and more about what I thought of myself.

It’s cliche, I know. Everyone says it, how they wish they’d been more outgoing and more assertive.

Everyone says it because it’s TRUE.

It’s so easy to put yourself on the back burner, to let everyone else have the fun or opportunity that you can’t have because you are too busy being self conscious.

I didn’t dance at my senior prom. I felt gorgeous and I was with people I’d known forever, but I was too worried about looking foolish.

I can never ever get that back.

True, there are other examples throughout my life, and there are also times when I did what needed to be done.

It’s just, the one side SO outweighs the other.

Looking foolish for a minute only lasts for a little while. Wondering what would have happened if you’d had some balls can haunt you forever.

(see that? Hole in one. Just thought you should see that.)

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