Writing prompt #152

Freewrite for 3 minutes on this cliche: “ice water in her veins.”

Ice water? That makes no sense. No one could live on ice water blood.
I realize it’s not literal. Realism. Whatever.
This IS a cliche. I’ve heard that so many times. Not about me, I don’t think anyone knows me well enough to think that.
Maybe my husband, but if he thought I was ice water queen bitch wouldn’t I know that by now?
I have warmth. I totally do. I just can’t stand to mollycoddle the masses. How’s that for a phrase, “mollycoddle the masses?” holy shit, sometimes I’m awesome. Except times like just then when I misspell awesome four times in a row.
I’ve missed free writing, I haven’t done this in years. YEARS.
So much has changed, lately. It’s sucked, but that’s how it goes I guess. When you’re stupid and don’t think.
Actually, actually THAT situation is one I guess that would qualify my veins as ice water. But whatever. Everyone makes mistakes, or at least thats what i have to tell myself. My apologies are made. Why am I even talking about this?
I’m so lucky. Someone with ice water blood wouldn’t even realize that, right? I mean, I always pictured someone with ice water in their veins (or someone that would fit that description) would have entitlement issues and be all snooty.
And I am totally not. Entitled, that is. Sometimes I’m sure I seem snooty but that’s just because sometimes I don’t talk because I’m scared of Michael Scotting myself into some shameful situation.
I say sometimes a LOT, wow.

Anyway so my point is I do NOT have ice water in my veins.
I’ve just realized no one was saying that I was the one with the ice water. I suppose that the fact that I automatically took that to mean myself says something substantial about the way I perceive myself, or the way I think others perceive me.

I’ve always just wanted people to like me and I want to simultaneously not care if they like me or not. I would make a horrible politician.

Well, three minutes was faster than I thought.

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  1. For someone that was able to put together the honest and heartfelt apology and beat yourself up the way that you did, I can not imagine anyone thinking you have ice water in your veins! I don’t even know you and to me, you are far from it. Hugs if you need one!
    “Mollycoddle the masses” – love, love, love it! (May I steal that?)

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