Why I blog.


Let’s be honest, I know most of you who read this.

I’m not penning great literary confections and sending them out into the hands of drooling consumers.

There isn’t really a demand for this.

I know my mom has wondered, and I’ve been asked so many times over the years…

“Why a blog?”

It’s a good question. I mean, I’m not making money, sometimes what I write is embarrassing or inappropriate, and it takes time I could be spending with something else.

I have always documented my life, in one way or another.

Remember those padded back diaries that locked with a big flat lock on the side? The ones that were opened with a tiny metal key, which wasn’t much more than a piece of tin which a nib on the end to unlatch the lock. The same diary key that approximately 6.5 zillion wistful girls (and boys, there were definitely boy diarists) had?

My diary was purple with little pink hearts, and the key? I wore that shit on a chain around my neck. NO ONE was going to read about how much I sometimes hated my sister, how much I was in love with boy A, or how I needed to pray more.

Also, sometimes I wrote erotica (or as close as a preteen could get). I always erased that stuff, though, in case Jesus might see.

I went through the same writing spells then that I do now. Sometimes I had huge gaps in entries.

But it was always something I could do, something I enjoyed and that I was good at.

All through high school I wrote down thoughts and secrets and stuff I couldn’t tell anyone at all. They might find out I wasn’t holy, they might tell my mom, they might go to my church.

Yeah, I was pretty uptight as far as teenagers go.

When Xanga came along, it was so liberating. I was going through a divorce, I was in a new relationship, and I’d lost a lot of friends. I could go to my Xanga and spill out whatever I had, and if someone didn’t like it, screw them.

Pretty much that hasn’t changed.

Now, though, I realize that I always come back to writing because it is home. It’s my passion. Maybe I’m not penning letters to adoring fans, but I’m out there. I say what I think and what I feel, and the catharsis that it can sometimes bring is invaluable.

I haven’t written much erotica, though. So at least I’m past that.


5 thoughts on “Why I blog.

  1. I think blogging for the sake of catharsis is wonderful. That’s why I do it, to put stuff out there for myself and others. And if you get noticed for it, great! If not, at least you processed it and dealt with it the way that makes you happy.

  2. I used to love blogging, much to the chagrin of the folks I mentioned in said blog. Brent even mentioned it as one of the main reasons he dropped out of my wedding and didn’t bother even calling when my father died.

    Facebook has largely eliminated the need to have a personal blog any more. Unless a blog has a “theme” such as Tech, Quilting, Harry Potter fan fiction, etc then it’s really just a technological replacement of having conversations with friends. Which, in turn, is also what Facebook has become.

    That said, I do remember the catharsis that Xanga used to bring me, and I say that if having a personal blog brings more good feelings than complications to your life, then write away and don’t worry about comments and page views. (yeah right. I remember that sinking feeling of despair when I’d check on my blog posts and not see many comments. I always felt like it invalidated my thoughts/feelings and it sucked)

    Anyway, I’m not tapping this away on my iPhone to be critical in any way (I’m worried the “tone” may come off that way). I’m simply typing to say that I miss hearing these observations on your blog in person, in actual conversation.

    I suppose, given it’s length, I could spin this comment off into it’s own blog. I used to own TheJared.com. It simply redirected to my Xanga. Now some other dude has it. That jerk.

  3. You know, I never really thought about why I blog. I started about 7 years ago, and I just kind of feel like I *have* to… there’s some sort of odd need in me to do so.
    I started off by keeping track of what the kids are doing. I can’t even log onto that blog now, which makes me sad.
    Keep it up. You have readers, and I firmly believe that it’s good for your soul.

  4. well i’ve never blogged half the time i can’t even figure out how 2 read ur stuff but readin ur randomness makes me :) when im havn a FTW day which is everyday here lately u make me laugh…even if its not meant to be funny :) btw this pic is beautiful as are ur children

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