Not so wordless Sunday

Frankly, for a long time, I kind of resented the concept of Mother’s Day.

Obviously it was before I became a mother.

But I always kind of thought, “why focus so much on ONE day? Shouldn’t we love and respect our moms everyday?”

Yes, Pretentious Me, in a perfect world, that would happen.

In a perfect world I would also have a cup size to fit watermelons and a waist like a Hepburn.

Nothing is perfect.

But now that I am a mom, I see just how many incredible mothers I’ve known throughout my life.

My grandmothers.
My best friend’s mom.
My mother in law(s), past and present.
My sister.
My mom, my beautiful, loving, and 110% pure matriarch. The one I can only hope to be like.

And my friends. I have only recently recognized that I have a staggering amount of beautifully dedicated mothers in my mental Rolodex.

Women I’ve met, women I’ve never met.

Women who have advised, loved, and cared about me. Women I have looked to to learn how to be a mother.

Being a mother is a bitch. It’s not easy, it’s not always fulfilling. There are days when I can imagine absolutely nothing in the world I’d be worse at than being someone’s mom.

But then there are construction paper cards, folded the wrong way, telling me “I love you.”
There are tiny drool soaked hands grasping my neck and holding tight.
There are painfully corny knock knock jokes, mismatched outfits, peanut butter sandwiches and warm cookies.

I’ve been around enough to know that time is quick, and that soon enough I’ll wish for tiny sneakers and crayons, lunch bags and report cards.

And to be honest, my life would not work any other way.

So here’s to my mom, your mom, and all you moms I love so much. You’re beautiful.
And here’s to the ones who call me Mom. I promise to do my best.

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  1. Ha. Lucy and Ava have the same grin in those photos. So so sweet. And look at that Max man’s eyes. LOVE THEM! And, Love you! Happy Mother’s Day. I am glad we can really appreciate what our own mothers did now that we have the job ourselves.

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