I know me, do you know me?

So, since I’ve started pimping out my blog, I’ve gotten some new folks around.

Some people I’ve known for years, some I’ve never met.

And while I have an “About Me” at http://Emylibef.com/about, I think I should probably go over some things.

So guess what? I have a list.

  1. I live with my husband, my three kids, and my ex-husband. All in the same house. Deal with it.
  2. Lucy still drinks from her bottle. She’s thirteen months old. I’m really not worried about it.
  3. I could watch episodes of The Office all day, every day. And have, many times.
  4. Look, I know Glee is kind of trite and corny, but I love it.
  5. I suck at video games.
  6. Is it true that your body can adjust to an antiperspirant and stop working until you change brands? I feel like I smell bad.
  7. I campaigned for our President and I’d do it again a million times over.
  8. I really hate shaving my legs.
  9. You know that bumpy cellulitish look that sometimes you get even when the area isn’t fat? I suppose it still qualifies as cellulite. I’ve had that always, and the only one of my kids who didn’t inherit that was the boy. Unfair.
  10. I think everyone should be allowed the right to marry the person they love.
  11. I have three kids, and I chose to have each of them. I believe that choice is a valuable thing.
  12. Is it a thing when you need antidepressants AND ADHD meds? Because I think I do.
  13. Do people really (I mean REALLY, really) spend all the time it takes on those pretty bento lunches for their kids? Because if so, then my peanut butter sandwiches look ultra lame.
  14. Sometimes my favorite thing to do is just ride around with no destination.
  15. I really hate wearing anything that is uncomfortable. If I’m leaving the house, I have to feel prettyish AND be comfortable or I’m miserable. MISERABLE.
  16. So if there’s hair on my face besides my eyebrows, what’s the best way to handle that? Bleach? Flick with a Bic? Wax?

I could go on, but maybe that’s enough for now. I hope I haven’t scared anyone off.

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