Half a decade

Miracle on 34thI’m a day early, but since tomorrow is Ava’s birthday as well as my anniversary, I decided to go ahead so she can have her own post tomorrow.

So many people said nothing about us would last.

And so many times they’ve almost been right.

We’ve fought and screamed.

Our wedding dayWe’ve forgotten to treasure and respect each other.

We’ve treated one another badly.

There’ve been seizures. Surgeries.

But the good times have so outweighed the bad times.

Being each other’s familiar face when we come out of the fog of those seizures and surgeries.

Realizing passions.

Our baby girl.

Being one another’s best friend.

Each of us knowing that no matter what else happened, someone was always in our corner.

There are many, many ways I’ve failed you over the past five years, and I’m sure there will be many more.

But right now, today, I want you to know that I will spend the rest of my life making sure that yours is better because I’m in it.

For my failures, I’m so sorry.

For the way you’ve taught me that family is forever, thank you.

For the love you have for me. For Max. For Ava. For Lucy.

Thank you for my life, and for the way you’ve saved me. And for being my perpetual Words With Friends partner.

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  1. For two best friends I am so proud to call my children–you have made life happier for me. You have made each other so much better. I admire you so much for many things..for hanging in there, for the capacity you have of overlooking the memories of the worst of times, for allowing me to become a grandmother through bringing Lucy into the world, for being two of the best parents I know, and for being strong in you beliefs and open-minded to the differences in people. You are great children to call mine. I wish you the anniversary that you want to always celebrate, for these five years and many, many more five years to come! Happy Anniversary!

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