Writing Prompt #258

Complete this famous tagline with your own: The greatest tragedy is ____________.


Have you ever cared about something or someone so deeply and fully that it physically pained you?

That’s probably not healthy.

But the flip side of that is just as dangerous, sad and terrifying, I think. What if you never feel that? What if you never felt the knot in your chest and ache in your soul? The exhilaration of a dream achieved?

What if it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

So what’s the answer? To care too much, not care at all?

It applies to spiritual matters, sure. Matters of the heart. Parenting. Working. Achieving.

The answer is there. Some would say to pray and find the way. Some would say work and do the best you can.

At what point does forgiveness and grace become apathy? When does soldiering on cross the line into stubbornness?

I’m not asking for answers. Just throwing things out there. Clearing out the brain.

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