I’ve realized in the last couple of weeks how out of touch I am.

I leave this house maybe once a week, and on weekends.

Of course, I hate people as a whole – that’s a given.

Not really. Well, kind of. Sometimes people are gross, and I don’t mingle well. If I’m working or somewhere I have a purpose, that’s one thing, and I’m great at that…but just going to be somewhere? I’ve never been good at that.

And I don’t stay in out of any kind of fear or anything. I just normally don’t have anywhere to go that I particularly want to go alone. Add into that a sun-sensitive baby and carseats and diapers, and it’s pretty obvious why I stay in.

But I’m beginning to worry that my homebodiness may be mutating into full-fledged social anxiety. I already screen my calls to death, and have for years – but now I avoid talking to people I know, I stay inside when it’s gorgeous out, and I would just rather people came to me for the most part.

It’s kind of worrisome.

I’ll see you if you come and visit,

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  1. oh, Im the same way… a complete introvert… I tell Daniel that I could be a hermit – just have a computer and go out to take pictures, and thats about it… staying home with no one else home = bliss! (it almost never happens anymore though)

    *curious: are you tired of me commenting on every post and wish I would just stop already…

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