I know that persistence is key to any endeavor.

I decided to make myself a true blogger. I bought the domain name, I started posting every day…

And I’m ashamed to admit how quickly I’m becoming disheartened.

I don’t know what I expected – I knew that I wouldn’t become some megablogger and start raking in ad revenue or book deals – but I think I thought things would come to me more easily. I think I thought that once I got into a groove – a routine, and I knew what to expect of myself, that it would all just blossom and readers, inspiration, and fervor would just pour in from all sides. Maybe that’s what I thought. If I’m honest, sure it is.

I know that if I don’t write, a part of me dies.

Is that weird to say? Probably, but it’s true.

So I write, because I’ve let that part of me lie dormant for too long.

But still. The trappings of the metaphorical balls I’m hanging out with this effort has gotten me a little sensitive, I guess. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself.

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  1. Do you read “Single Dad Laughing”? He’s got a HUGE blog and has started another one called “Will work for followers” all about making your blog big. I’ve been tryign to do what he suggests. It’s not happening really quickly, that’s for sure, but he’s got good advice. ((HUG))

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