About Me but not really

There should be some sort of class or tutorial on how to fill out “about me” sections on social sites.

I look up everyone on Facebook. Everyone.

Did I meet you once in high school? I’ve probably looked you up on Facebook.

Bridgette who was my friend in 4th grade.
Micah who was my 5th grade boyfriend.
Lindsey, Rachel, and Luke from Detroit when I was 19.
Sarah and Jackie from GA camp.

The thing is, once I’ve found someone on Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever, nine times out of ten I can’t bring myself to try and friend someone who lists, “don’t read” in the “favorite books” section, or any quote from Larry the Cable Guy in their “favorite quotes”.

So what I’m proposing is a form, or questionnaire – something where you can fill out your honest answers, along with the image you’d wish to convey.

“I like Jello shots, naked chicks, and POV voyeur porn, please convey me as a chaste, quirky Biblical scholar.”

“I’m open to extra marital affairs, lesbian encounters, and hardcore S&M….I’d like it if I had a profile my grandma would be proud of.”

Is anyone with me? I think this is a great idea. Let’s get on that.

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