Lists are my specialty.

I’ve never been one for to do lists.


But I can run away with a random list about nothing, any day of the week.

1. I like my new life.
2. We still haven’t really moved into our house. Well, a lot of the stuff is unpacked. But the clothes and stuff are still in boxes, a lot of them. Which is good, I guess, because now I can’t wear them anyway.
3. Many nights I just feed my kids chicken nuggets. Or waffles. Seriously. And I’m totally having another. Worst mom of the year, right?
4. I’m not a very good youth minister’s wife. I’m not bubbly and peppy and I’m crap at remembering names.
5. I like to think that I’m genuine, though, and that somehow that will come across.
6. I’m writing this far too late in the day to hope of getting it done.
7. I both like and hate the 8-5.
8. I wish I could be more creative in my job.
9. I’ve discovered I feel prettiest when I’m pregnant.
10. I am annoyed by so very many things and people right now that it’s insane.

I will post another list tomorrow.

Give me a list of yours. SOMEONE!

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