Getting to it.

I didn’t forget, today. Haha! 2 days down.

Although in keeping with my honesty theme, there’s not a great deal to say.

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to find new everyday things when you move away?

I lived in Corinth for almost thirty years and never realized how hard it would be to move to a new place and find:

a new coffeeshop (although we did find Cups rather quickly)
a place to get a haircut
a beer store (like the cave on Shiloh Rd), which is not really necessary here because here you can mix & match a 6 pack in the beer aisle at Kroger. It’s loads of fun.
a park
a playground (luckily the church has a great one)
a doctor (even working in a hospital, it’s not easy. Many of the doctors come and go so often that they don’t know each other and it’s hard to get a recommendation).

I have others. Just things I never thought about. Moving has been a great adventure and was definitely the best choice we could have made, but there are things we’ve encountered that I never even thought about.

What are some of your challenges lately?

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