To ten years ago.

Dear me,

I know that you think you have everything figured out.

You so don’t.

Right now you don’t even really know what to expect from your life. At all. In a year you’ll be engaged. Then married. Then a mother. Then a mother again. 

Then they’re going to put you on some pills and tell you you’re depressed. 

But no one is ever going to ask you why you feel the way you do – they’re just going to throw medicine at it.

And eventually you’ll grow some female testicles and you’ll take care of yourself. People will call you terrible things. Say mean things about you. One of the people who – right now – you think is one of your closest friends…well, in ten years she will have (intentionally, completely, and successfully) cut you out of her life.

You’ll wonder if all the things that people are saying are true. You’ll wonder how you can be such a terrible person and still feel like the same you.

You’ll have found a new side of yourself. A true you. 

There will be awful days. Days you think you can’t go on. But you will.

How your kids will grow! It’s really amazing. You don’t even know them yet…but just wait, you will. And you’ll like them. They’re such wonderful people already. 

  • People will go in and out of your life…and that’s what they do. Don’t hold onto people who don’t want you with them. It’s their loss.
  • Don’t trust so easily. You’re too valuable for that. I wish you could see it.
  • Smile more. You have a great smile.
  • Buy awesome glasses. Seriously. You’ll get lots of compliments.
  • Start running now. Do it every day. You’ll thank me later.
  • I am not even kidding: learn to knit. Even people who make fun of you will secretly think you are cool. 
  • Save your money. Invest in Google.
  • Did I mention your kids? Start preparing for the initial wave of amazing now.
  • Love your family. Love them, love them, love them.
  • Reach out to people. Learn their names and what they like. Write cards for no reason other than that you’re thinking of someone and you hope they have a good day. Love expands.
  • Learn more about computers.
  • Start buying more Mac products. 
  • Write. Do it when you feel you have nothing to say.
  • Read your Bible. That sounds corny, but it really does add dimension to a day. You’ll try and run from your beliefs at several points in the next few years, but it’s all a part of you. Embrace it and figure it out instead of denying it. It’ll make you a more complete individual.
  • That said, you do not need the approval of another human being to be valuable. Please lose that notion now.
  • Keep your passport up to date.
  • Start a blog.

I really don’t have much more wisdom to impart. You wouldn’t listen to me even if I did. 

However, I’ve learned a lot. I wish I had known when I was in your shoes a tenth of what I know now.




P.S. I really mean it about Google. Please do it.

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