If Britney can do it, so can Ava

Sunday, I was sitting down to lunch with Josh when my phone rang. The number that showed up was Dan, so since he has the kids on the weekends, I picked up immediately.



“Ava what’s wrong? What is it?”


“What? You cut your hand? Are you okay?”


I hear Dan take the phone.

“What happened, is she okay?”

“…..I have a bucket full of blond hair.”


“She got her hair out of her eyes. With scissors. I’m not sure why she put it in a bucket.”

So, Ava did what we all do at some time or another. She decided to coiff herself.

avahairJosh and I went over to survey the damage, and while it wasn’t just terribly obvious – okay it was – it had to be fixed.

So what did I do? I decided I could be a beautician just like anyone else. I picked up the 3-inch school scissors and set to the work of cutting off huge amounts of my daughter’s hair.avawhine
It wasn’t SO bad, but I will never be a cosmetologist.

I apologize for Ava’s less than happy debut of her new ‘do. I think in this picture we took away her vodka.

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