Stop and start

Just let me say, for just a moment, that my life should and could be a sitcom.

There is an Internet shortage in my life at the present, so pardon my absence from posting.

However, know this and know the joy in reading that is to come:

Moving truck + bad alternator + houseful of boxes and furniture = using a pickup truck to move an entire house.

Discovering said bad alternator after first truckload of boxes had already been loaded = Priceless.

I now live with 2 kids, my husband, my cat, and my ex-husband. In the ex-husband’s house.

The house that we are to move into still has an undetermined amount of work to be done before it is livable. Interesting is all I can say about this.

Should I turn up dead within the next month or so, suspect the husband, the ex-husband, the dog, or the male child – or a combination of all four. The girl child and the cat are still on my side….I think.

 Enjoy your home.

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