Boxed in

Today, with the help of my inlaws, I boxed up the pieces of my life. Our life.

I found things I’d forgotten even existed, things that reminded me of sections of my former lives. Pictures from college, from my senior prom, papers from junior high, discharge papers from the first, last, and everyothertimeinbetween jaunt to the hospital…

I realized, as I sorted through clothes, notes, cards, and pictures from every angle of my existence, present and past, that I fall in love with my life more every day. I hate it at times, and then I realize the parts that I hate are the parts that I can’t predict or control…and those just happen to be the parts that make a life.

So my house is being dismantled. Our lives are being splintered and split, and shall be reassembled at a point as yet undetermined.

As of tomorrow, we are officially homeless. It should be interesting. We are being taken in and cared for, and we will daily watch as our future home becomes closer and closer to being complete. When it is, I’ll show you.

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  1. Home being complete… It’s an unattainable goal. Just when you think it’s perfect it changes and if it weren’t for the change we’d get bored and run away. Everyday is a postcard moment whether we remember it or not. I love you.

  2. Em, I am so proud that you are soon to be new home owners! Your life will change in good ways! It’s a new year and I’m praying for new and better opportunities to come your way! You have such a sweet little family! I know things are going to go your way soon!

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